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5 Star Review

I am a real estate agent with Sentry Residential and was selling a property for an investor I hadn't worked with before. The property had termite evidence under the house and needed treatment or our buyers were backing out. Wolfpack was absolutely amazing! The lady who works the phones was very kind and courteous and was able to schedule a treatment right away. Then, there was management issues within the investor company I was working for and the person who wrote the checks for everything was terminated do to not keeping up with the payments that needed to go out.

Ashleigh Clarke
5 Star Review

The guys are a hidden gem in the country! Very attentive and helpful for a city family in the country !!

Beth Hommel
5 Star Review

We had a flea infestation in our home, which was awful!! One of the techs came, was very personable, friendly, and knowledgeable of our problem. He sprayed the entire interior of our home, and the fleas seem to be gone, 1 month after spraying!! Note: we had our 2 dogs and 2 cats treated with flea control the week before we had Wolfpack come. The fleas were dead and gone almost immediately after spraying. We did start seeing a few fleas about 2-3 weeks after they sprayed. But it has now been about 1 week since we saw any fleas.

Karen Myers